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600 Million
Web Store Visits

Any day of the week, there are Two Billion web visits in the US alone, with 600 Million webstore visits, resulting in 200 Million inbound calls, so says the National Retail Foundation.

Advertising Age states that over 80% of all marketing budgets employ TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines in their proactive marketing. Our guess is the vast majority of ad response is by the net AND generally speaking, there has been no reactive tool to communicate, other than the telephone or text messaging, BUT, that’s about to change, with InfoLink’s “Talk Connector.” This live Two Way Interactive Communication Tool connects buyers to sellers using video and audio with just a simple Button Click.

Now Retailers can See & Hear customers as they video display and demo products using our live streaming video. When customers See everything, it’s just like being in the Store AND Sales conversion rates soar.

The net already has twice the audience of TV. Newspaper ads aren’t receiving the response like they once obtained, so retailers must examine their ad programs.

Our net ads all contain the ability to connect directly to the retailer’s website or directly to a live person by interactive video.

We’ll provide Retailers and Businesses our Talk Connector Free to use on their website.

Can you imagine, sales conversion rates as high as a 700% increase over the click to order routine. It’s here now, so get on board.
Click Here to get started.

NetVision’s “Talk Connector”drives traffic to your website. Users are instantly connected to your business by Live Video when they click on the “Talk Connector” Icon. It’s a NetVision product, so we use it on all our sites and advertising. Search Result Ads all have this ability. Now, you do too!
Buyers and Retailers are instantly connected with two way collaberation features like Document and File Transfer to send Videos, Music, Documents, etc.; Remote Desktop Controller and Interact Board with Telestrator. Businesses can Insta Transfer contracts for electronic signatures (new law). Our Video Displayer is also 2 way InterActive, so Customers and Businesses can Video Display anything AND See everything in our Combo Screen. All of these Features are Free!
The Live Video Connector Button is E-Z to install on your Website Home Page. It’s part of NetVision’s “LiveNetVideo.com” program which allows you and other users to Talk and See each other in Live Communication. It’s a Free Service and will make you money. To Start Using the Free Live Video Connector Button on your site Click Here.
Live InterActive Video
Imagine when someone clicks on your website and they’re instantly connected to your Sales Rep by Live Video - You can video display products and demonstrate - it’s like being together “in person.” It really Sells! To get started using the Talk Connector on your site, Click Here.
Talk Connector
List your business Free on Local Locator - Users will be able to find your business by product, location and more. You can add the Talk Connector Icon to your Free listing so Customers can communicate with you immediately by video, audio and text. You’ll also be able to add descriptions, photos, etc on your product line. Includes Maps and Directions to your business location. To find out more about how get your Free Listing, Click Here.
Local Locator